Thursday, 17 January 2013

When Love Comes To Town

 I got copy of this book for reviewing by NetGalley .It's a revised  edition of the novel When Love Comes To Town published in 1993 .It is primiarliy based on how an ideal son-student - Rugby player Neil Byrne comes to terms with his sexual orientation and how his family and friends slowly try finding a dynamic balance .I usually steer clear of novels regarding homosexuality ,no disrespect meant to anyone .It's just a personal opinion and thus it was my first novel .The main reason that this book drew to me was it being set in 90s era .I have read Judy Blume's novels set in that time frame but still have a  hard time finding novels set in that aeon .It makes me realize how our society has revolutionized and how , we as teens don't get to face a hard time regarding many issues that teens back then had to struggle against . He  is perfect character with charming personality and  but is very self-conscious as he constantly worries how the people will treat him once they are privy to his real self  . He excesses at whatever he does- studies ,sports . His journey for acceptance in pre-Internet era is callous and long but he keeps going though sometimes he feels like dying and wishing it be the end . His friend Becky is another great character with open mind and liberal views . She encourages and accepts him as he is , better than his mom and dad .Neil is quite an inspiring character who survives in Dublin and doesn't find an escape route out either to London or America .His sense of humor has a trait of easing awkward situations. His sister ,Jackie is fearless and speaks whatever is on her mind , doesn't put up with anyone's grudges or prejudices .She raises her voice whenever the situation arises  and looks out and loves her little brother. This novel portrays things as they are no hyperbole or over-exaggeration ,in true light as how this world can be wonderful but also morbid .

Message to Readers: No  matter how trivial an issue may seen ,remember it was once a hot-debate topic .Therefore stand up for your rights , even if you are scared that people whom you associate yourself with no longer be there .Have faith and remember those who are truly a part of you ,the ones who are your solid ground ,will accept you as you are and love and cherish you immaterial of who and what you are .

Overall Rating : 4 Roads

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