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Revealed - His Secret Child (Rafe & Sarah - Part 3)

Goodreads Summary :Discovering his ex-girlfriend was behind his company's bad press was one thing. Learning she'd secretly borne his son was entirely different. Millionaire PR guru Max Preston would not accept any of Gillian Mitchell's excuses. She "would" marry him--or he'd use his power to take his son away from her.After a whirlwind Vegas wedding, however, Max's desire for Gillian was as intense as ever. But he knew thinking of their marriage as more than a convenient arrangement meant entering territory even a tycoon was unprepared to tackle. 

Which cover do you like more ??  
Silhouette (old) or  harlequin-silhouette (new after takeover) (Comment) - Mine goes for the  totally new - love how her lush lips with purple lip-color look and Desire covers have gotten boring now ,I guess and love the way how in harlequin one his half-face is enticingly shown


  Here's a totally new kind of review in a way as it is just contains my favorite lines from the novel 

Max sat in the chair she’d vacated earlier, opposite Ethan. They were staring at each other—from perfectly matched blue eyes—with unabashed curiosity. Ethan could outstare almost anyone. She now realized where that ability had come from. Gillian set her son’s bowl in front of him, milk slopping over the side as she did so. Her hands clenched into fists, her nails dug into her palms. She had to calm down, take control, of herself and of the situation. Ethan, having looked his fill at the stranger, picked up his spoon and began eating, his breakfast now more important than the man at the table. Gillian found a cloth for the spilled milk.

She’d known her son looked like his father, but seeing them here together for the first time, the resemblance was even stronger than she’d realized. Seeing them here together was both her greatest wish and her greatest fear. “What’s your name?” Ethan had stopped spooning cereal into his mouth long enough to ask the innocent question.

Not here. Not now. Gillian tried to telegraph the silent message to him. Not in front of Ethan. “His birthday is the same day as yours,” she said quietly. Max jerked back as though she’d hit him.

The sight was as surreal as if James Bond had waltzed in and done the same thing. With an obedience that had to be alien to him, he pushed engines and carriages around a blue plastic track, taking garbled advice from the expert on the trains’ names and what they carried and the appropriate noises to make. The two of them spun stories and orchestrated derailments.

She was so sure she’d done the right thing. For everyone. For Max because he didn’t want a family, for Ethan because he deserved better than a father who didn’t want him and for her because she hadn’t wanted to trap, or be trapped with, a man who didn’t love her, who didn’t open up emotionally, who would always put his career ahead of anything else in his life. Who would ultimately, in the ways that counted, reject her and their son.

Three years and he still used the same cologne. Eternity. The one that made her think of him whenever she’d smelled it. The scent reassured her. He was a creature of habit. He didn’t change his ways for anyone.

“Daddy,” Ethan said, “look.” Max’s eyes widened and he looked sharply back at Ethan.She’d seen his shock. Felt it herself. “Daddy.” Her son had called him “Daddy.” As though for him it was the most natural thing in the world. But she knew that single word had rocked both Max’s and her world to the core.

A wife he’d married only to give their son a lawful family and to guarantee an instant part in their life. A wife he’d expected to feel nothing for. A wife whom he’d had to restrain himself from taking in his arms and holding, because Gillian—always confident, always certain—had looked so…lost.

He adapted quickly to most any situation, but this one was so far out of left field that it was going to take some time.

With just a night-light for illumination, Gillian looked at her little boy as his eyelids drifted closed. He was so like his father. She shook her head. For a few minutes this morning she’d thought today was going to be an ordinary Saturday. And now her whole world had been turned upside down. She was married to Max, a man who didn’t love her, but who she could only hope would grow to love Ethan and be there for him for the long haul. If being married to him helped ensure that, she had to at least try to be glad of it. Not frightened. She wasn’t even sure what the fear was about. She trusted Max. He had a deep integrity. He’d said going into their original relationship what he did and didn’t want. So if he said he wouldn’t touch her, he wouldn’t.

She’d cared for Max once, more than she’d let on because she’d known he didn’t want that from her. She had to be stronger than to care for him again. She’d learned to live with loneliness, without his presence or warmth. She could go on without it now.

“She is nice.” There was a warning edge to Max’s voice. “And yes, she’s pretty, but she’s also honest and kind and has the courage of her convictions. She always stands up for the underdog. That spirit was the thing that first drew me to her.”

In ten minutes she’d completed the puzzle. He’d liked that about her, that she was sharp, and determined, and independent. Too independent apparently. So independent she thought she didn’t need him. He was a PR expert, he knew all about making the best of a bad situation, of turning what might look like a disaster to a person’s advantage.

He knew she’d seen the photo with Dylan in it. And he could only be thankful she’d asked no questions, even though he’d seen them in her eyes. She was a journalist, it was in her nature to be inquisitive, but that was one area she’d get no access. That was private. The death of his twin had scarred him so deeply that it overshadowed his life from that point on. Nothing ever touching him so deeply again, not grief, and not joy. He didn’t have it in him to bond so closely with anyone again. He never even wanted to have it in him. Which meant he had to set boundaries for himself. He would go home tonight, help with Ethan’s mealtime and bath time and bedtime, allow himself the simple pleasure of reading a story to his son, of feeling his little arms snake around his neck as he hugged him good-night, and then he would go out for dinner. On his own. He could come back to the office and work. He would set the pattern for how this arrangement with Gillian was going to work.

Never before had he spent two hours on the beach exploring rock pools and collecting shells. The concept had stirred a quiet voice to whisper that perhaps his outwardly successful life could be perceived as a little sterile, a little empty. He’d quashed the thought.

“I went through all the stages of grief—anger, denial, guilt, over and over. In the end I figured out I was never going to get over it but that I couldn’t let it beat me. I would go on…with the emptiness inside.”

They sat in silence and as the screen went blank the room darkened. “I didn’t know what to do with myself after he died,” Max said. “I’d always been half of a pair. I didn’t know who I was anymore.” He stood abruptly, crossed to the drapes.

And she would be waiting. And she would ask no questions, make no accusations. She offered only acceptance and warmth and understanding. And love. And he didn’t want that. He wanted barriers. He wanted protection. He wanted things to be simple.

Gillian shouldn’t have said what she did. She shouldn’t have said she loved him. For all the world he didn’t want to hurt her. He’d warned her. He caught his reflection in the glass, saw for an instant Dylan’s eyes. Dylan who’d been afraid of nothing, who teased and pushed. And his brother laughingly whispered “coward” in his ear. Coward?

It wasn’t Gillian he was afraid of hurting. It was, he understood with blinding clarity, about protecting the shell of a life he’d been living. It was about fear. His fear of loving. That was why he’d fought the rising tide of emotions he felt for her. Because he didn’t want to feel anything at all. Because the greater the love, the greater the pain of loss. But if he carried on behaving like an idiot—doing the very thing he’d assured her he’d never do, proving all her initial doubts about him right—he would lose her. And that loss would be insurmountable. Because he loved her, whether he’d wanted to or not.

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This is What Happy Looks Like -Author Spotlight

From Goodreads ~~~ If fate sent you an email, would you answer?
When teenage movie star Graham Larkin accidentally sends small town girl Ellie O'Neill an email about his pet pig, the two seventeen-year-olds strike up a witty and unforgettable correspondence, discussing everything under the sun, except for their names or backgrounds.
Then Graham finds out that Ellie's Maine hometown is the perfect location for his latest film, and he decides to take their relationship from online to in-person. But can a star as famous as Graham really start a relationship with an ordinary girl like Ellie? And why does Ellie want to avoid the media's spotlight at all costs?

This Is What Happy Looks Like

Here's author under ATR Spotlight (Along The Road )

Akansha :What made you write This Is What Happy Looks Like ,( or prompted you as in the first time you thought about it's characters) ?

Jennifer : The book starts with a misdirected email, and as someone with a very common name, this sort of things happens to me a lot. I’ve always wondered about the person who mistakenly gets a lot of my emails, and what would happen if they wrote back to the sender and they somehow struck up a friendship or relationship, and that seemed like an interesting place to start a love story.

Akansha : What is your writing process like? Any must haves while writing like chocolate, soda, or candles? Do you write from beginning to end or in pieces?

Jennifer : There is absolutely no kind of science to my writing process. Every day is different. I’m sort of all over the place. I don’t write at a certain time every day, I don’t even write every single day. Sometimes I wish I had more of a routine, but I guess it’s good to keep things interesting too…

Akansha : Describe your novel in three words

Jennifer : Unexpected love story.

Akansha :  Does your novel have any parallels that could be drawn from your life ?

Jennifer : There are always bits and pieces of my own life in my stories, but they’re usually small parts that are scattered throughout. In the book, Graham picks up a heart shaped rock on the beach, and I actually still have one I found on a beach in Maine years ago. Things like that. But for the most part, it’s strictly fiction!

Akansha : When did you first start writing and how has writing helped you in real life ?

Jennifer : I started writing when I was very young, probably around ten, but I never expected to have the opportunity to do it professionally, so I feel very lucky. It’s helped in real life in countless ways, I think, but mainly I guess I’ve become a much more observant person. As a writer, you’re like a magpie, always stealing great words or bits of conversation to use later.

Akansha : What is something readers would be surprised to know about you?

Jennifer :I actually have two other jobs in addition. I’m also an editor at a major publisher, and on the weekends, I teach therapeutic horseback riding to kids with disabilities.

Akansha :  Which sky do you think you are and why so ( Bright Blue , Light Red at sunrise/sunset or dark with clouds and thunder or one of those fall/autumn skies ) ?

Great question! Probably an autumn sky on one of those endlessly blue days.

Akansha : What are you next planning to work on ?

Jennifer : I’m in the middle of my next YA novel, which is another love story, though it’s still a bit too early to talk about it beyond that! I’m hoping to finish soon…

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The Trouble With Flirting - Interview Claire Lazebnik

From Goodreads ~~"Franny's supposed to be working this summer, not flirting. But you can't blame her when guys like Alex and Harry are around. . . . Franny Pearson never dreamed she'd be attending the prestigious Mansfield Summer Theater Program. And she's not, exactly. She's working for her aunt, the resident costume designer. But sewing her fingers to the bone does give her an opportunity to spend time with her crush, Alex Braverman. If only he were as taken with the girl hemming his trousers as he is with his new leading lady. When Harry Cartwright, a notorious flirt, shows more than a friendly interest in Franny, she figures it can't hurt to have a little fun. But as their breezy romance grows more complicated, can Franny keep pretending that Harry is just a carefree fling? And why is Alex suddenly giving her those deep, meaningful looks? In this charming tale of mixed messages and romantic near-misses, one thing is clear: Flirting might be more trouble than Franny ever expected."
The Trouble With Flirting
Preorder at  Barnes and Nobles
Release Date : 26th March 2013 ( Mark it in your calendars now)

Here's interview with author Claire Lazebnik,  whose novel Epic Fail became Epic Success ; published by Harper Teen

Akansha : When did you first start writing   and do you write everyday?
Claire : I was a huge reader as a kid and my dream from very early on was someday to write books like my favorite authors. After college, I wrote for magazines while working on a couple of novels that never got published. I wrote my first published novel when my fourth child was an infant--and I've been lucky enough to have had a fairly steady career since then. The only time I don't do any writing at all is when I'm on vacation or sick or just in an extremely lazy mood--but even then I'd probably try to write at least a Facebook status or blog post! I can't imagine a life without writing. I love thinking about characters and plots--I'm already fantasizing about the next project before I'm done with the last one.

Akansha : Do you have a preferred time of day or spot  to write??
Claire : I'll write pretty much any time I'm not doing anything else, but my schedule's most open in the morning, so that's probably my favorite time to write. My computer is always open and running and nearby--it's a small laptop so I can move it around easily and I like to be near the family action, so I usually keep it downstairs where I can answer the door, get a snack, talk to whoever's home, etc. But sometimes I'll go upstairs for a change of pace. I definitely don't have any one spot to work at--but you're LIKELIEST to find me standing up at a tall table in our den. I like to work standing up--it's easier on my back and I hear it's healthier than sitting all day, which I could easily wind up doing since I'm always on my computer.

Akansha : What  made you write The Trouble With Flirting ( or prompted you as in the first time you thought about it's characters) ?
Claire : Well, I'd written EPIC FAIL, which is loosely based on Jane Austen's PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, and I wanted to do another modern adaptation of an Austen book, so I suggested MANSFIELD PARK to my editor, who liked the idea, especially when I suggested setting it at a summer acting program for teens. I reread the original Austen and knew I wanted to follow the basic outline of the story--but I ended up making a few major changes along the way, including one really big one that might get me in trouble with Austen fans. But times have changed and Austen's heroine puts up with more than she should. I wanted my heroine to stick up for herself more.

Akansha : What do you look upto for inspiration ?
Claire : The truly great authors of the past: Dickens, Austen, and Bronte are all favorites of mine. I know I'll never be in their league but it's still inspiring to think about how their books have entertained so many generations of readers. Also, they're all just such good storytellers: it helps to remember that your job first and foremost is to tell a good story.

Akansha : Which is your favorite novel and why?
Claire : It's so hard to choose just one! I adore Austen's EMMA and Dickens' OUR MUTUAL FRIEND. Bronte's incredible--both JANE EYRE and VILLETTE. I also love Colette's Claudine books, especially CLAUDINE AT SCHOOL.

Akansha : Does your novel  have any parallels that could be drawn from your life ?
Claire :  I borrow a lot from my kids' lives, actually! My son actually went to a couple of summer acting programs, so I based a lot of details in THE TROUBLE WITH FLIRTING on what he told me about them.

Akansha : Did you have a music playlist while working on The Trouble With Flirting?
Claire : I haven't quite mastered the ability to concentrate on writing while listening to music, although I do everything else to music (walk the dog, cook dinner, play games with the kids). But it's a little too distracting when I want to hear the dialogue in my head. If I were to play music? Lots of Elvis Costello, the Shins, some showtunes, Florence, the entire soundtrack from the movie JUNO . . .  I tend to just put my phone on shuffle and listen to it all in a crazy mix.

Akansha : How did writing help you in real life ?
Claire : Back when I was deep into the whole motherhood thing--at one point I had a nine-year-old, a seven-year-old, a three-year-old and an infant--it gave me something to think about that wasn't just snack foods and diapers and nap times. It let me feel creative and grown-up and in charge of my own dreams. I love being a mother and I'd give up writing before I ever gave that up, but the balance between the two has been very important to me.

Akansha :Which movie do you connect to most and how ?
Claire : I adore BROADCAST NEWS. James Brooks wrote and directed it--it's about the way the news industry changed in the eighties--how reporters started to think of themselves as TV stars and cared more about how they looked on camera than the kind of reporting they did. But it's also about love and being too smart for your own happiness and frustration and downsizing and a million other things. And it's incredibly funny, with amazing lines like"Wouldn't this be a great world if insecurity and desperation made us more attractive? If "needy" were a turn-on?" And "Except for socially, you're my role model."

Akansha : State your one irresistible desire
Claire : Potato chips. I can't resist them. My son told me he thought I should make a New Year's resolution to give them up for a year and I said, "NEVER! There'd be no point in getting up in the morning!"  Okay, that's a slight exaggeration . . . but around five o'clock every afternoon, I crave a few.
Chole Moretz

Nicholas Hoult
Akansha :Do you have a dream cast for The Trouble With Flirting or Epic Fail?
Claire : I'd take Chloe Moretz as the lead in either!  Or Elle Fanning. They're both amazing and around the right age.I had to ask my 15-year-old daughter for help casting the guy, because I couldn't think of anyone. She suggested Nicholas Hoult (whom I loved in the British TV show SKINS) or Logan Lerman.

Akansha : Which season do you think you are and why so ?
Claire :  Fall. It's possible I feel that way because I was born in October, but I really have always loved that time of year best. I liked it better on the east coast--the way the evenings turn cool and smell like wood smoke--but I still enjoy it here on the west coast too. I like when it's dark just in time for dinner. And I don't like hot nights. And I like all the holidays in the fall. And I'm a stay-at-home-curled-up-comfortably kind of person, so the fall just works for me for that too: it's the time when everyone's settling back into a school and work rhythm but you get a couple of great family-oriented holidays too!

Akansha : If you had a minute to go live on International Network ,what message would you give to world ?
Claire : Be tolerant. Don't impose your beliefs on others. Be kind, accepting, understanding, and open-minded.

Akansha: What are you next planning to work on ?
Claire : I just handed in the rough draft of my next YA novel. My editor will give me notes and so I'll be revising that for publication in the summer of 2014. I'm also writing a novel with a friend and hoping to revise the nonfiction book about autism I co-wrote with Dr. Lynn Kern Koegel, called OVERCOMING AUTISM. And I actually have a couple of other projects I want to work on. I like to stay busy!

Stay Connected with Claire  Lazebnik !!!

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Falling For You - Review and Interview -Lisa Schroeder

"In the dark,
the flowers hide.
They wait for the right time to come up.
Warmer temperatures and sunshine encourage them to come out,
to reach, to grow.
They are proud of who they are.
They bloom, giving the world color and joy.

In the dark,
 the people hide.
They wait for the right time to speak up.
Compassion and kind words encourage them to come out,
to reach, to grow.
They are proud of who they are.
They bloom, giving the world light and hope.

Sometimes it’s dark where I am.
I don’t want to hide anymore.
~~ By  Rae Lynch 

 Well ,I don't know where to start reviewing .It's one of those books which even a million words can't be described . Here are few words I will use to describe it - Fabulous , Broken ,Grey ,Kind Revolution ,Light . (Warning : Keep a box of tissues next to you and make sure you don't begin it on a workday or you will be a victim of such a long hangover ) . Rae ,female protagonist , has to live with her abusive step-father and mom who wouldn't be her mom for anything . She acts tough though inside she's bleeding , her only cure  is writing poetry in her journal .She keeps everyone at a bay and is afraid to let anyone inside .But when handsome Nathan asks her out , she agrees ( though her friends push her to take a chance ,for Rae can't believe a guy like Nathan ,whom every girl wants to date ,will have eyes for her ) . Nathan is guy with beauty in looks but is ugly at heart- not because of his dad who cheated or cause of his family ,is ugliness comes from the very fact that he lets his insecurities take very best of him every time and doesn't even try to change or believe in goodness .It gave me creeps when he took Rae to cemetery only to make out with her their and the way he pressurised her . Comes in her  friend Leo ,who unlike Nathan , reads between the  lines in her poems , supports and heals her slowly .But then the ill-fated tragedy lands her in ICU, will she able to make her way back from all this and still hope and love ? ( Read it ASAP to find out ) 
Overall Rating : 5 Roads !!

 Here is interview with author Lisa Schroeder 

1.What made you write Falling For You (or prompted you as in the first time you thought about it's characters) ?

I had the idea to start a book where the reader knew on page one something had happened to the main character, but it's a mystery exactly what. I also wanted to have a story with a flower shop in it, because I've always thought delivering flowers would be such a cool job. And as I thought about Rae's story, I knew the flower shop would be her safe and happy place, while her home life wasn't very good. From there, I just started writing to see how things played out. The book had a lot of revisions and many things changed, but those two things stayed from the first draft.
2. Which is your favorite novel and why?
It's so hard to answer this question - I have a lot of favorite books. But one of my very favorites is FLASH BURNOUT, by L.K. Madigan. She was a dear friend, and passed away from pancreatic cancer a couple of years ago. I'm so glad I have this little piece of her to read and remember her by.
3. Did you have a music playlist while working on Falling For You?
Yes, here is the playlist:
Everlong by Foo Fighters
This is Rae’s favorite song by Rae’s favorite band
It Is What Is by Lifehouse
About someone feeling lost at times, just like Rae. “I was only trying to bury the pain…”
My Hero by Foo Fighters
A song about ordinary, everyday heroes. Rae needs more of those in her life.
Give me Love by Ed Sheeran
This was almost the title of the book. So many people in this book, hungry for love.
Birds of a Feather by Civil Wars
A haunting song about conflicting feelings. Gives me chills. Reminds me of Nathan and Rae.
I Won’t Give Up On Us by Jason Mraz
I imagine if Leo was going to sing a song to Rae, it would be this one.
Dancing Queen by ABBA
This one’s for Rae’s friend and co-worker, Spencer.
Arms by Christina Perri
I love this line and it fits so perfectly for Rae: “I can’t believe if I’ll let you save my life or if I’ll drown.”
Sooner Surrender by Matt Nathanson
Beautifully heartbreaking. It makes me think of Nathan, who is a hurting soul.
Fallin’ For You by Colbie Caillat
Oh come on, I had to do it, didn’t I? As the last page is turned, imagine this song playing. :)
4. If you had a minute to go live on an International network, what message would you give to the world? 
Wow, that's an interesting question. Maybe I would simply say, what Rae learns in Falling For You.
"Please remember, where light shines, darkness disappears. The world needs more light - so be kind, show love, practice peace. Be the light!"
 5. What are you planning to work on next?
I'm working on a YA novel now, but I don't like to say a lot when I'm drafting, just because it's kind of a fragile place. I have no idea if it will sell or not, we'll see. This year I'm going to be writing some novels for younger readers too, around the subject of friendship, so that will be fun.
Drop In a visit to her at Lisa Schroeder 

Season Chicklit - 00-1

Here is our very first of Chick-lit Wednesdays !!

Snowed Over by Angie Stanton - Pleasant ,fast-paced novella with a bit of suspense (with the storm and survival).

Recommendation : Super quick, Uber cute Christmas read.

Spring Fling by Sabrina James - Cute, adorable, humorous but at the same time, totally realistic .

 Recommendations : A light cheerful book for a leisure read anytime !!

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Little Sister Interview

About Author : All 4 of Adrienne's current releases have appeared on at least 2 Amazon Kindle bestsellers lists. Married at sixteen, a mother twice by seventeen, and thrice a mother and divorced by twenty-four, Adrienne Thompson is no stranger to adversity. Not your typical teenage mother, she went on to complete her college degree and to earn her nursing license.Read more 
Here's our interview with Adrienne Thompson

When did you first start writing?
I’ve been writing poetry since I was a teenager. I began writing actual novels in 2009.

What made you write Little Sister (or prompted you as in the first time you thought about its characters)?
Little Sister focuses on the life of Cleo Williams. Cleo was a minor character in one of my other novels, Been So Long. Her story was one that begged to be told. And fans of Been So Long have been anxiously awaiting it.
What do you look up to for inspiration?
God, my children, and the ups and downs of my life and the lives of those around me.
Which is your favorite novel and why?
Waiting to Exhale by Terry McMillan. When I first read it, the characters and their stories consumed me. I had never read anything like it before. It had quite an impact on me as a reader and a writer.
Does your novel have any parallels that could be drawn from your life?
All of my novels parallel my journey through and from brokenness to healing. My characters are a work in progress and so am I.
Did you have a music playlist while working on Little Sister?
Yes. As a matter of fact, all of my books include an official playlist. The chapters are all actual song titles. The titles are listed at the beginning of the book. Little Sister’s soundtrack is comprised of songs by R&B singer, Mary J. Blige.
How did writing help you in real life?
Writing helps me to express feelings, hopes, dreams, and fears that I would otherwise keep bottled up inside. Writing is my release.
Which movie do you connect to most and how?
Hmmm, I’m truly a movie lover, so that’s hard one for me. It would have to be a musical, so I guess I’ll choose Hairspray. It’s all about unity and dreams and music and it includes a chubby girl—all of the things that are near and dear to my heart, lol.
State your one irresistible desire
Pasta! Lol!
What would you like people to take away from the experience of reading “Little Sister”?
I would like for them to take away from it that everyone has a story—no matter how closely we get to know them, often there is still something buried underneath the surface that we know nothing about. If we love them, it is our duty to dig deeper and to help them face their hidden issues.
What would you say to aspiring writers?
Never give up. Even when things look bleak, keep writing and keep believing in yourself.
If you had a minute to go live on International Network, what message would you give to world?
I would want to let everyone know that there is much more goodness in this world than we realize and that if we just look closely enough, we can see it.
What are you currently working on?
After Little Sister is released on 1/29/13, I will be releasing a couple more books centered around the characters in Been So Long, so I am currently working on them.

Be sure to drop her an hi at her  website:

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A Ring to Secure His Heir

Goodreads Summary : Working late is nothing new for tycoon Alex--and it's the perfect excuse to get close to office cleaner Rosie Gray. He promised his ailing godfather he'd discover whether his long-lost granddaughter is a worthy heir. Intoxicated by the after-hours attentions of the mysterious, suave businessman, Rosie's dreams are destroyed with the slamming of the bedroom door on their one-night stand.
Discovering she's pregnant, she goes to confront him, but no one at work has heard of "Alex Kolovos." They do, however, know Alexius Stravroulakis, the CEO, and he has a glittering proposal for her! 

A Ring to Secure His Heir


Which cover do you like more ?? Paperback vs Hardcover (Comment)

Here's a totally new kind of review in a way as it is just contains my favorite lines from the novel 

Rosie had long since learned that you couldn’t change people. After all, she had tried for a long time to change her mother, had encouraged, supported, advised, even pleaded, and in the end it had all come to nothing because, regardless of what Rosie did, her mother had had no desire to change the person she was.You had to accept people as they were, not as you would like them to be, Rosie reflected with a pained sense of regret as she recalled that hard lesson. She remembered countless supervised sessions with her mother during which she had tried to shine bright enough to interest her parent in being a parent and in wanting to raise her own daughter. And now she winced, looking back at all that wasted energy and angst, for Jenny Gray had been infinitely fonder of booze, bad boys and a lively social life

Alexius reflected that it was a humbling experience to chat to a woman without the aura of his billions enhancing him with a wondrous golden glow of magnetic attraction. It had not escaped his notice either that she couldn’t wait to get away from him. Was she shy? Or simply wary? Alexius had no experience whatsoever of either female trait and no desire to remedy his ignorance in that field either.

She had a tremendous capacity for joy and more inclination to admire, appreciate and value the little things of life than he had ever met with in any other person, Alexius reflected with unabated wonderment. A beautiful sunset, a delicious meal or even a lame joke from an old fisherman could inspire her to smiles and laughter: she was cheerful, easy to please, and she had finally learned to accept his limits. She was the perfect lover.

Alexius contrived to look unconcerned by that warning and even dared to smile when Rosie got out of the limo at the airport and demonstrated no desire to run away. But then shock had overwhelmed Rosie’s temper and made her think hard instead. She was very much shaken by Alexius going to such extraordinary lengths to try and get her back, even grudgingly impressed by the level of importance he had to have attached to her to act in such a way in public. And on one point he was undeniably right: they did have to talk, had to sort out their future relationship along civilised lines for the baby’s sake. Her grandfather’s crack about ‘sulking teenagers’ had hit a bull’s eye with Rosie and made her squirm with embarrassment.

Socrates gave her a teasing little smile. ‘When I saw that first photo of you after I had had you investigated, you reminded me so much of my late wife, your grandmother, that I prayed that you had inherited more than her looks. Alexius needed a down-to-earth woman who could make him a home and give him a family, not a fancy beauty more interested in shopping and socialising. That’s why I urged him to look you up and get to know you for me …’ Rosie stared at him in shock, astounded that he could have been so manipulative. ‘Are you serious?’ ‘Aren’t you a marvellous fit for each other? Aren’t you happy with him?’ her grandfather prompted with unconcealed satisfaction. ‘Well, then, it was worth the risk.’

‘Go ahead,’ Socrates advised with amusement as she shifted her feet restively. ‘Don’t mind me. He loves it when you rush outside to welcome him home!’ Rosie required no second bidding. She went to the front door, stepped out onto the brightly lit verandah, its undeniable charm carefully conserved during the renovation, and hurried down the steps. The big craft was just landing and she waited on the lawn for her first glimpse of Alexius. He sprang out of the helicopter: big, dark, devastatingly handsome, hers, and her heart leapt with the happiness as much a part of her now as her ready smile and laughter.

Seducing The Secret Heiress

The tale unfold  with  Charlotte (aka Charlie) meeting Gabe under quite extreme circumstances on a beach in Italy. Their lives become more tangled as the story progresses and their relationship struggles to find a balance between business and pleasure , their lives between truth and lies ,and their love between fame crazed spoiled rich princess and heir-needing cheating ex-fiancee . Charlie is a strong, intelligent who wants to be loved and accepted for who she is and wants wants to find her own way in the world and not by a quick phone call of her daddy that will ensure her will is done while Gabe  is out on his own , cut off by his family except for sister , deceived by the woman who once shared his bed in order to acquire lots of fame . Gabe likes Charlie's creative spark and passion for life while Charlie is drawn to Gabe as how natural and easy it is with him . He rejoices with her even on her smallest accomplishment and encourages her throughout . But adversity strikes again , shall Charlie let the truth be told about her identity as another run-away princess  and will Gabe be able to forget past betrayal and move on or will both of them let their trust issues get the best of them ?? 

Jennifer St. George strikes again with heart-warming story full of passion and tensions (sexual ) !!

PS : I love Rupert , the nephew of Gabe the most !!

Overall Rating: 5 Roads !!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Forever My Girl by Heidi McLaughlin - Interview and Giveaway

Synopsis from Goodreads - I was never supposed to be a rock star. I had my life all planned out for me. Play football in college. Go to the NFL. Marry my high school sweetheart and live happily ever after.

I broke both our hearts that day when I told her I was leaving. I was young. I made the right decision for me, but the wrong decision for us. I’ve poured my soul into my music, but I’ve never forgotten her. Her smell, her smile.

And now I’m going back.
After ten years.

I hope I can explain that after all this time.
I still want her to be my forever girl."

Here's the interview conducted real time !!  (Scroll Down to enter giveaway, open Internationally !!)

A(Akansha ) :What made you write Forever My girl (or prompted you as in the first time you thought about it's characters)?
H (Heidi ): I came across a picture and saw this guy trying to win back the love of his life

A: What do you look upto for inspiration ?
H:  Photos, music, life events

A:Which is your favorite novel and why?
H:  I don't have one. Before I published, I reviewed at least 3 books a week - when you're reading that fast you miss out on capturing a favorite book
A:  Right ,but what about when you were a teen or some novel that helped you somehow ?
H:  From a teen, I'd have to go with Judy Blume
A:  Great ! She's one of my fav too

A :What is your writing process like? Any must haves while writing like chocolate, soda, or candles? Do you write from beginning to end or in pieces?
H:  It depends. Sometimes I need peace and quiet and there are times when I can pound out over a thousand words during a basketball practice. I think it depends on the chapter. I definitely have music and either Sprite Zero or water sitting by. And gum... I need gum

A: Describe your novel in five words
H: Hot, sexy, sweet, romantic, tearjerker
A:  Haha ! It just move miles up my TBR pile

A: Does your novel have any parallels that could be drawn from your life ?
H :  From my life... I wish my high school flame was a famous hot rockstar! Aside from football (hubs is a football coach), this is purely fiction.
A: Which movie do you connect to most and how ?
H: I'd have to say Friday Night Lights 10 years later
A: Do you have a dream cast for Forever My girl ?
 H: I do. Stephen Amell for Liam. Miranda Kerr for Josie. Channing and Jenna Tatum for Mason and Katelyn. Chris Hemsworth for Nick and Blake Lively is definitely Sam
A:  Pretty cool !

A: State your one irresistible desire
H: To see my children succeed
A:What is something readers would be surprised to know about you?
H: Oh boy... That every chapter I write goes directly to my best friend, Yvette. If she doesn't like it, no one sees it
 A: That's quite a secret !
H:  It is. She sees everything first. It doesn't matter what it is. She's also who I brainstorm with - she's very involved in my writing
A: Such Friends are a rare commodity today
 H: Very true
A: Which season do you think you are and why so ?
 H: Summer! I thrive in the heat, the sun, the flowers. I need it

A:  If you had a minute to go live on International Network ,what message would you give to world ?
 H: That we are all the same no matter who we love

 A:   If your novel has to be directed by female director ,whom would you prefer : Angelina Jolie or Twilight Director - Catherine Hardwicke ?
   H:  Oh boy, tough question. Of those two, I'd have to go with Hardwicke. Not sure if Jolie could capture the love in my story
 A:  Does second chances at love work in real life too ,as in accord with u ?
  H:  I think it does if you have forgiveness in your heart. Some love is just meant to be and if you lose it, you can find your way back. My husbands grandparents met in 7th grade and had been together from that moment until his grandfather passed six years ago. That one love does exist
 A: It is becoming difficult for forgiveness given the high abusive relationships people land themselves into
 H:  Very true, but if someone loves you, they don't resort to violence to show it
 A:  I wish people would realize that their anger is unchannelized energy and stop for a second and find a direction that is productive
 A:  Just last question ,What are you working on now and how many books are going to be in this series ?
H:  Right now I'm half way through a new adult novel called Lost in You, which I'm hoping to have out this spring. And I've started work on the second Beaumont Series novel, which I'd like to have out this summer.
  There will be 3 adult contemporary  novels in the Beaumont Series

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Knee Deep by Jolene Perry

Some people are broken ,broken beyond repair ,broken to point where the line between love and anger is blurred and violence becomes their means of dealing. Holding on to them ,loving them with all you have got doesn't heal them ,it makes them more self-annhiliating . But unfortunately we fail to realize the signs of such a relationship and we realize something's wrong when it's gone too far in it's course of destruction. 

 Ronnie Bird , teenager protagonist  ,is about to graduate along her best friend Luke and the boy whose the one for her , Shawn . She promised herself to Shawn when they were in early teens and has been with him all time but he's not the guy she fell for , he's changed , he's now a black hole . But Ronnie will do anything for him and Luke will do everything in his power to save Ronnie . Ronnie's dad is a shrink but fails too realize that she's withdrawing and going through something . She closes her self off to everyone even when Shawn in a drunk state ,almost date-rapes her and Luke saves her at last minute . How much more will  Ronnie give up herself for Shawn & will Shawn take them all down with him or will Luke be able to apply medicine on their wounds before it's gone too south  ??

Recommended to anyone looking for a contemporary  novel of heart break, friendship, love, self-recovery, and moving on. 

  PS : Jolene Perry has officially become one of my favorite authors and am dying to get my hands on more of her works .

Overall Rating : 4.5 Roads !

Friday, 18 January 2013

The Next Forever

This is a tale of how, rather speaking on ,whats on are mind really n whats troubling us; we tend to gravitate towards what we perceive in our mind  , as it should be and  this image of " supposed to be " is what screws us up the most in life . 

I haven't read it's prequel but I strongly recommend you do . I was loaned this novel at Netgalley for honest reviewing .  The story is told over the span of “just one night” , from the alternating point of views of both Amy and Joe,the high school sweethearts who despite battling their own hardships , make it to college together .  Now in college ,they are both shadows of each other and somehow piece by piece are losing their self-identity to be perfect for other .The novel opens, giving readers an idea that protagonists (Joe and Amy ) are trying to save their space while loving each other but enacting upon what they think is perfect for "them as in being together and not good for them individually ", the novel proceeds  providing a slow build up of events in a “domino effect” of trouble. It's a book of doubts, questions, and loyalty  to both yourself and the person who is the one for you ,which sends each of them( the characters ) on their own journey to truly find themselves in one night.
      It's the perfect, short, and heartfelt relaxing read!
m question their relationship, 

PS:  My favorite part is how  Joe wants to experience college like most guy's do however Joe doesn't know if he can do what he wants to do in college and be a good supporting boyfriend for Amy.  Reading from a boyfriend's POV was enthralling new experience .

Overall Rating : 4.5 Roads !! 

Thursday, 17 January 2013

When Love Comes To Town

 I got copy of this book for reviewing by NetGalley .It's a revised  edition of the novel When Love Comes To Town published in 1993 .It is primiarliy based on how an ideal son-student - Rugby player Neil Byrne comes to terms with his sexual orientation and how his family and friends slowly try finding a dynamic balance .I usually steer clear of novels regarding homosexuality ,no disrespect meant to anyone .It's just a personal opinion and thus it was my first novel .The main reason that this book drew to me was it being set in 90s era .I have read Judy Blume's novels set in that time frame but still have a  hard time finding novels set in that aeon .It makes me realize how our society has revolutionized and how , we as teens don't get to face a hard time regarding many issues that teens back then had to struggle against . He  is perfect character with charming personality and  but is very self-conscious as he constantly worries how the people will treat him once they are privy to his real self  . He excesses at whatever he does- studies ,sports . His journey for acceptance in pre-Internet era is callous and long but he keeps going though sometimes he feels like dying and wishing it be the end . His friend Becky is another great character with open mind and liberal views . She encourages and accepts him as he is , better than his mom and dad .Neil is quite an inspiring character who survives in Dublin and doesn't find an escape route out either to London or America .His sense of humor has a trait of easing awkward situations. His sister ,Jackie is fearless and speaks whatever is on her mind , doesn't put up with anyone's grudges or prejudices .She raises her voice whenever the situation arises  and looks out and loves her little brother. This novel portrays things as they are no hyperbole or over-exaggeration ,in true light as how this world can be wonderful but also morbid .

Message to Readers: No  matter how trivial an issue may seen ,remember it was once a hot-debate topic .Therefore stand up for your rights , even if you are scared that people whom you associate yourself with no longer be there .Have faith and remember those who are truly a part of you ,the ones who are your solid ground ,will accept you as you are and love and cherish you immaterial of who and what you are .

Overall Rating : 4 Roads

Rape is Rape

From Goodreads : "A call to action to protect the human rights of women and girls, this exposé reveals how interest groups deny the seriousness of rape to further their political agendas. Through firsthand interviews with victims; medical and judicial records; social media; and statistics from police, the FBI, and government agencies, this analysis explains the tactics used by these groups. The personal stories of young rape victims demonstrate how assaults on their credibility, buttressed by claims of low prevalence, prevent many from holding their rapists accountable, enabling them to rape others with impunity. A resources section is also included for those seeking help, advice, or hoping to become involved in the struggle."

My opinion : Very Conflicting book indeed ! And unless you are doing a research or some kind of thesis on Rape ,stay away from this or unless you are the kind who doesn't get affected by what they read .But if you connect well with characters n feel their emotions ,this book is not meant for you .I  couldn't read it beyond some 100 pages .It made me kinda hate  myself and my mind started zooming in on false personifications . No offense  meant to author or anyone ,it's literally too hard to read .I can read about pain ,death ,murder and others in novels ,but this book  treats emotions as next thing to revolutionize or something ! It amazes  me a lot thinking how can persons write such things unfazed ??

Overall Rating : 2.5 Roads !

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Embracing You ,Embracing Me by Michelle Bellon

"Calling each other on our own bullshit, and daring the other to rise to the occasion, is our motivation. We motivate one another to change, to build, to mature. We both have a choice. We can choose the easy path and turn away, never looking back, or we can stand face to face, taking on the demons reflected in the others eyes, choosing the more difficult but ultimately more rewarding path." - Nico ; Embracing You ,Embracing Me

I got a copy of  the novel from Netgalley .It's a refreshing tale against the backdrop of 90's trailer park and how the female protagonist goes on to live life .It begins with her being teen , coping up with peer pressure and handling the hardships then encompass her life . The story is genuinely fast paced taking readers from being a teen with no-boyfriend to being married again (twice) in Vegas ,has a beautiful daughter with two dad's and is sunshine of her life .I especially loved the parallel that author draws between Roshell McRady having no father around and witnessing her mother and aunt 's men never sticking for a long time , ensures that her daughter Marissa has a father around .It's a tale of first love , losing your focus , refinding it , losing your love ,immersing in alcohol to escape grief ,finding closure and moving on. It will grip you from the very first page and leave you wanting more .Author does a great job with alternating between viewpoints of characters though it's a bit perplexing in the beginning between Roshell and Amber.

Overall Rating : 4.5 Roads
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