Saturday, 19 January 2013

Knee Deep by Jolene Perry

Some people are broken ,broken beyond repair ,broken to point where the line between love and anger is blurred and violence becomes their means of dealing. Holding on to them ,loving them with all you have got doesn't heal them ,it makes them more self-annhiliating . But unfortunately we fail to realize the signs of such a relationship and we realize something's wrong when it's gone too far in it's course of destruction. 

 Ronnie Bird , teenager protagonist  ,is about to graduate along her best friend Luke and the boy whose the one for her , Shawn . She promised herself to Shawn when they were in early teens and has been with him all time but he's not the guy she fell for , he's changed , he's now a black hole . But Ronnie will do anything for him and Luke will do everything in his power to save Ronnie . Ronnie's dad is a shrink but fails too realize that she's withdrawing and going through something . She closes her self off to everyone even when Shawn in a drunk state ,almost date-rapes her and Luke saves her at last minute . How much more will  Ronnie give up herself for Shawn & will Shawn take them all down with him or will Luke be able to apply medicine on their wounds before it's gone too south  ??

Recommended to anyone looking for a contemporary  novel of heart break, friendship, love, self-recovery, and moving on. 

  PS : Jolene Perry has officially become one of my favorite authors and am dying to get my hands on more of her works .

Overall Rating : 4.5 Roads !

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