Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Embracing You ,Embracing Me by Michelle Bellon

"Calling each other on our own bullshit, and daring the other to rise to the occasion, is our motivation. We motivate one another to change, to build, to mature. We both have a choice. We can choose the easy path and turn away, never looking back, or we can stand face to face, taking on the demons reflected in the others eyes, choosing the more difficult but ultimately more rewarding path." - Nico ; Embracing You ,Embracing Me

I got a copy of  the novel from Netgalley .It's a refreshing tale against the backdrop of 90's trailer park and how the female protagonist goes on to live life .It begins with her being teen , coping up with peer pressure and handling the hardships then encompass her life . The story is genuinely fast paced taking readers from being a teen with no-boyfriend to being married again (twice) in Vegas ,has a beautiful daughter with two dad's and is sunshine of her life .I especially loved the parallel that author draws between Roshell McRady having no father around and witnessing her mother and aunt 's men never sticking for a long time , ensures that her daughter Marissa has a father around .It's a tale of first love , losing your focus , refinding it , losing your love ,immersing in alcohol to escape grief ,finding closure and moving on. It will grip you from the very first page and leave you wanting more .Author does a great job with alternating between viewpoints of characters though it's a bit perplexing in the beginning between Roshell and Amber.

Overall Rating : 4.5 Roads

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