Sunday, 20 January 2013

Seducing The Secret Heiress

The tale unfold  with  Charlotte (aka Charlie) meeting Gabe under quite extreme circumstances on a beach in Italy. Their lives become more tangled as the story progresses and their relationship struggles to find a balance between business and pleasure , their lives between truth and lies ,and their love between fame crazed spoiled rich princess and heir-needing cheating ex-fiancee . Charlie is a strong, intelligent who wants to be loved and accepted for who she is and wants wants to find her own way in the world and not by a quick phone call of her daddy that will ensure her will is done while Gabe  is out on his own , cut off by his family except for sister , deceived by the woman who once shared his bed in order to acquire lots of fame . Gabe likes Charlie's creative spark and passion for life while Charlie is drawn to Gabe as how natural and easy it is with him . He rejoices with her even on her smallest accomplishment and encourages her throughout . But adversity strikes again , shall Charlie let the truth be told about her identity as another run-away princess  and will Gabe be able to forget past betrayal and move on or will both of them let their trust issues get the best of them ?? 

Jennifer St. George strikes again with heart-warming story full of passion and tensions (sexual ) !!

PS : I love Rupert , the nephew of Gabe the most !!

Overall Rating: 5 Roads !!

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