Friday, 18 January 2013

The Next Forever

This is a tale of how, rather speaking on ,whats on are mind really n whats troubling us; we tend to gravitate towards what we perceive in our mind  , as it should be and  this image of " supposed to be " is what screws us up the most in life . 

I haven't read it's prequel but I strongly recommend you do . I was loaned this novel at Netgalley for honest reviewing .  The story is told over the span of “just one night” , from the alternating point of views of both Amy and Joe,the high school sweethearts who despite battling their own hardships , make it to college together .  Now in college ,they are both shadows of each other and somehow piece by piece are losing their self-identity to be perfect for other .The novel opens, giving readers an idea that protagonists (Joe and Amy ) are trying to save their space while loving each other but enacting upon what they think is perfect for "them as in being together and not good for them individually ", the novel proceeds  providing a slow build up of events in a “domino effect” of trouble. It's a book of doubts, questions, and loyalty  to both yourself and the person who is the one for you ,which sends each of them( the characters ) on their own journey to truly find themselves in one night.
      It's the perfect, short, and heartfelt relaxing read!
m question their relationship, 

PS:  My favorite part is how  Joe wants to experience college like most guy's do however Joe doesn't know if he can do what he wants to do in college and be a good supporting boyfriend for Amy.  Reading from a boyfriend's POV was enthralling new experience .

Overall Rating : 4.5 Roads !! 

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