Thursday, 17 January 2013

Rape is Rape

From Goodreads : "A call to action to protect the human rights of women and girls, this exposé reveals how interest groups deny the seriousness of rape to further their political agendas. Through firsthand interviews with victims; medical and judicial records; social media; and statistics from police, the FBI, and government agencies, this analysis explains the tactics used by these groups. The personal stories of young rape victims demonstrate how assaults on their credibility, buttressed by claims of low prevalence, prevent many from holding their rapists accountable, enabling them to rape others with impunity. A resources section is also included for those seeking help, advice, or hoping to become involved in the struggle."

My opinion : Very Conflicting book indeed ! And unless you are doing a research or some kind of thesis on Rape ,stay away from this or unless you are the kind who doesn't get affected by what they read .But if you connect well with characters n feel their emotions ,this book is not meant for you .I  couldn't read it beyond some 100 pages .It made me kinda hate  myself and my mind started zooming in on false personifications . No offense  meant to author or anyone ,it's literally too hard to read .I can read about pain ,death ,murder and others in novels ,but this book  treats emotions as next thing to revolutionize or something ! It amazes  me a lot thinking how can persons write such things unfazed ??

Overall Rating : 2.5 Roads !

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