Monday, 4 February 2013

Reviews and More

Hii guys !! Sorry ,I haven't been much active since I have my exams coming up .Thus instead of writing a whole review ,I am taking a short route here (Hope you like it ) wherein I shall post all my books read in past few days and use penny for my thoughts.

Because of Low 

I started Sea Breeze series back in 2011 with Breath (Sea Breeze #1) -Jax and Sadie's story ,but was awaiting release of all sequels till end of 2012 , so as to read them in a row.

A Penny For My Thoughts -  Just 4 words to describe the book - COVER DOES IT ALL ! (Willow and Marcus story)

My rating : 4.5 Roads

PS : Love Larrisa the most esp the way she calls - My Lowlow and Martus !!

Hurry up and add this book to your TBR pile now. 
(Here at : Goodreads   or  Amazon )

 While It Lasts 

Sequel to Because of Low ,thus 3rd in Sea Breeze Series . I was quite zealous  , so much that I picked it up in an hour after finishing Because of Low

A Penny For My Thoughts :  Ultimate bad-boy , steamy romance and  a Heart tugging plot .

My rating : 4.5 Roads

PS : The moment he steps onto the page , Cage will have you fanning yourself and saying, "Oh my goodness !!!""

 ( He ain't gonna be a secret any longer ,so add him now to your steamy pile : Goodreads  or Amazon )

 Just For Now 

Whoa !! Reading this makes me wanna sing 
" Shout aloud, screamin loud
Let me hear you go!
Baby I like it
The way you move on the floor
Baby I like it
Come on and give me some more
Oh yes I like it
Screaming like never before
Baby I like it " ~~ I Like It by Enrique Iglesias
ft. Pitbull

 A Penny For My Thoughts :  Amanda and Preston- Never in million years would have guessed ! It's a fabulous read with all ingredients of New Adult !
My rating : 5 Roads

PS:  Low and Marcus marry in this novel and guess who's their flower girl ?? - My very favorite Larissa
  ( Goooo  and buy it now at : Amazon   & add  at : Goodreads )

The Truth About Faking

Just started it randomly after reading Tear-jerker- Ten Tiny Breaths and Fallen Too Far .

A Penny For My Thoughts :  A Refreshing read with Christian values enrichment . Love Jason ,Trent and Shelly . I had just a single complain as in how a girl in her early teens is thinking og her wedding gown and flower arrangement and so .Every girl dreams of a magnificent wedding but these precise details ,I had a had time connecting with it ,though Harley matures very much in end .
 My rating : 3.5 Roads 

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 Need a YA/New Adult thriller brimming with undercover agent , drug-dealers-ring , smoking hot party boys and  very luxurious top model wheels  ?? Then this is definitely for  you .

A Penny For My Thoughts :    Pink's song ~~~ Fcking Perfect just fits this book .
 ``Pretty, pretty please, don't you ever, ever feel
Like you're less than fucking perfect ``

My rating : 5 Roads  
 PS : Watch out people : Lacey Weatherford is going to strike again with it's sequel soon --- Smitten. 

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  1. Great lot of books you rated! I want to read the Abbi Glines . I know they are meant to be really good :)

    Love the new look of your blog!




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